Toads are the ultimate good neighbor. They eat bugs, live just about anywhere, never fight and don't complain. A shady bit of land with shrubbery, plenty of insects and some cool, damp dirt to hide in, makes the perfect home for any self-respecting toad.


Here's what to do:


Find a cool, shady hiding place outdoors. Spots under bushes are good choices. Using a medium size clay flower pot, bury it on it's side halfway into the dirt. Place some dirt which is wet and crumbly inside the pot. Add dead leaves and a few twigs.

Voila! Mr. Toad will consider this his very own Taj Mahal. (You'll know when a toad moves in by the way the dirt in front of the house becomes worn down. That's where the toad sits and waits for dinner.)


Little Known Toad Factoids