November/December 2005


Ornamental Cabbage– Brassica oleracea

Origin: Asia




Want to add some year-round color to your flower beds and gardens? Why not try the ornamental or flowering cabbages?

There are two main times for planting ornamental cabbages, both in the fall. The first is late August through September; the second is after the fall garden mums have finished flowering or have been frosted out, usually late October or early November. Another strategy is setting the plants out in the early spring and allowing them to grow in place for nine months.

Later plantings have several advantages. The vibrant red, pink or white coloration don't appear until after several frosts or prolonged cool weather. Planting too early can cause the cabbage to become leggy and relatively colorless. Another plus is after frosts, ornamental cabbages are pest-free.

Not only will ornamental cabbages dress up your yard long after the leaves have dropped, but the wildlife will appreciate you for them when the snow begins to fall.


Happy Holidays!